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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Richland Outreach Center (ROC)
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Help with the revitalization of our property for the community.


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$50,000 goal

By donating to our property funds you will see below the following large items that we need to still have taken care of along with some projects that have already been completed.

A 20x30 pavilion of similar build but with an open concept so we can host our outdoor events in any weather. We would be able to help teach the kids about the foods in the community garden coming this spring and it would also allow the neighborhood to have somewhere to go for picnics and birthday parties.

A 24x48x16 pole barn so we can have office space, conference area, storage and a place to house our diaper & wipe pantry.


Our Basketball court NEEDS redone 97x75 (with a 145x36 parking area). This is something important to the neighborhood. Without there being a park anymore the kids have no where to go and all have expressed the basketball court would be nice to have back in working condition.


All sidewalks surrounding the property was cleaned up and widened and a stone bed was put under the tree for decoration.

Our hill was overgrown with weeds (photo above) and is now a decorative stone hill. Thanks to the donation from Stone Creations.

Five very large trees were cut down and removed from the property thanks to Daniels Tree Service.

A new sign was put in at the property thanks to Heartland Design Concepts for the donation.

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