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Catalyst Life Services
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September is Recovery Month! I hope that you will join me in supporting recovery in Richland County.


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For 22 years, I was living as a shell of the person I truly am. Drugs and Alcohol had led me down a dark and lonely path. I would have to undergo the worst and most difficult phase of my life. My addiction had trapped me and slowly took me down every time. I thought I could control it, but things only got worse. Each time I said it couldn't get any worse, it did. I had gone down that path so far, the only thing I had left to lose was my life. I had lost all hope, and was merely living an existence that some people think of as impossible to be redeemed from.  In September of 2018,  I was given the opportunity to rebuild my life, heal, and become the person I was always meant to be. Catalyst Life Services gave me that and so much more. I was entered into New Beginnings residential treatment program where I was given individual and group counseling. I was then connected with case management, peer support,  access to medical professionals, individual and family therapy, women's empowerment groups, triple p parenting classes, vocational services, faith based and 12 step programs, also recovery management services.  I want people to know that even a lifetime of hardships, bad choices, addiction, abuse, trauma,  and mental health issues can be overcome! I broke free thanks to Catalyst Life Services, their many employees, and volunteers. Two years later, I am stillliving proof that anyone who is willing to walk the road of recovery is capable of finding a path that works for them.

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Catalyst Life Services

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