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At the Mansfield Area Y, Community is our Why. We work everyday to enrich the lives of youth, families, and seniors by cultivating a safe space filled with mind, body, and spiritual enrichment.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic our YMCA sprung into action by providing Pandemic Care for Essential Workers, virtual workouts, home checks and deliveries for our seniors, absentee ballot voter registration, meal services, and more.

 YMCA's are a pillar in all the communities we serve and that's no exception in Mansfield.  Your donation during Richland Gives goes directly to support the following initiatives: Open Doors Scholarship  Program for children and families, LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivor Program, and Chronic Disease Prevention. Last year we provided financial assistance to 450 families and 1,210 children because of your generosity. 

Here is one of the lives...Meet Cynthia...

Cynthia found a lump in her breast in the winter of 2013 which was determined to be Stage 2 breast cancer. She began aggressive treatment with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. After treatment, she was cancer-free, but she was still in pain, was very depressed and had lost hope. She said, "I was not living, I was just existing." Then, she learned of a new program called LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, especially for cancer-survivors. With six other survivors, she began the 12-week program; a journey to better health and an improved quality of life through exercise and strength training. Still cancer-free, Cynthia shares her life-changing experience with others adding "The LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program helped me regain my confidence. I am no longer sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself." Just like Cynthia, other graduates of the program are a source of inspiration to others who are just beginning their own journey. The Y improves spirit, mind and body.

Isaiah, a 10 year old's story....

Like so many other children from single parent households, Isaiah, age 10, started coming to the Y, after-school, for a safe place to be while his mother worked. His membership allowed him to enjoy the Youth Room, the pool and other youth-oriented programs. After Isaiah was involved in a few incidents with others, he lost his membership privileges. To be reinstated, he was required to work closely with the building supervisor who taught him Caring, Honesty and Responsibility. At 15, he became a YMCA Lifeguard. Today, Isaiah is a role model for other kids like him and an asset to the Y. Today Isaiah is in the police academy. He is a shining example of what happens when you don't give up on potential. The Y Builds People 

A.G. a mother's story...

After a devastating divorce and custody issue, this mother looked for a place where she could spend quality time with her children during her parental visitation. She chose the Y as the perfect location because she and her children could enjoy quality family time while swimming, in good and bad weather, exercise using the professional equipment and play basketball and volleyball while each others company. Today, with her children grown, she credits the Y with providing her the opportunity to stay in touch with her children, in a family-oriented and positive environment while encouraging health-related activities during their visits.  The Y promotes healthy family time. 

Denny shares his story...

Denny, a successful CPA in his twenties, was diagnosed with early-onset Multiple Sclerosis. He continued to work for many years until his condition worsened. He learned that he could hold back the progression of the MS through a regular exercise regimen. In 2008, he began to work with a personal trainer at the Y's Wellness Center. Twice each week, Denny works to increase his strength and endurance with weight-training. He uses the stationary equipment, such as the treadmill and cycles, to keep the muscles in his legs strong. Maintaining his balance, stability and coordination is addressed with water exercises in the pool. Today, if you asked Denny why he comes to the Y He will say, "Because I can still walk." The Y maintains health and function.

Megan shares her story...

Megan, a disabled veteran at the young age of 31, seeks rehabilitation at the Y to gain back strength and confidence. After seven years on active duty Megan was honorably, medically discharged. From then, she has had major shoulder surgery and shortly will be undergoing surgery and rehab for a long term knee injury. The Open Doors program at the Y has allowed Megan to utilize the facility at a discount based on her income. This scholarship program is designed for people who could otherwise not afford the full cost of a Y membership. Because of the Open Doors scholarship, Megan will begin a rehabilitation program using our pool, free weights, and track. The Y opens doors for our community.

If you’re in a financial position to support our YMCA through this time we would truly appreciate it. Every dollar counts as we continue to serve those in our community who need us most. 

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