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The Salvation Army – Mansfield, is dedicated to serving others in our area.  As a faith-based organization The Salvation Army's message is based on the Bible and our mission is to meet human needs without discrimination. Our hope is that in sharing the love of Christ with those in need they would come to know Christ.  As a local organization The Salvation Army - Mansfield works every day in Richland County to provide tangible assistance through programs with a dedicated staff and committed volunteers. The Salvation Army provides for the basic needs, such as food, clothing and shelter. Beyond those basic needs The Salvation Army invests its time in the human spirit by offering counseling, education programs, recovery/support programs, and spiritual support for those willing to accept it.

 The Salvation Army  is unique in that it is located in multiple areas across Northeast Ohio (as well as throughout the U.S.) and thereby accessible to those in need, such as:

  • Providing shelter to parents and their children.
  • Responding to disasters by supplying food, shelter and medical care.
  • Supplying food pantries and providing weekly meals to the needy.
  • The Dewald Community Center prepares the way for the youth of Richland County to succeed academically, emotionally, socially, & spiritually. The Learning Zone is an after-school program offering tutoring and homework assistance. Students also gain life skill education, character development, enhanced arts and so much more! 

 This year, many Richland County residents have been impacted by COVID-19 and are experiencing unprecedented need. As we have done every year since 1887 The Salvation Army-Mansfield has responded quickly, effectively, and efficiently. We will continue to serve the growing needs or our most vulnerable in the weeks and months ahead with your help and generosity. And, as always, The Army puts more of every dollar you give to direct service (food, rent/mortgage, utilities, tutoring, etc..) than any other major non-profit, rightfully earning your trust and the appropriate reputation of Doing The Most Good. Our assistance to those in need is up dramatically this year and will continue until the pandemic is truly under control. If, the pandemic is like the recession of 2008-09, it will mean more than three years. Because of the pandemic our Red Kettles Christmas fundraising efforts will be hampered with restrictions on locations and ability to recruit volunteers. More than ever, we are hoping you might be able to help with a donation through Richland Gives or send a check to The Salvation Army-Mansfield, 47 S. Main St., Mansfield, Ohio 44902-2929. Thank you and may God Bless you this Christmas Season!

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The Salvation Army - Mansfield OH


47 S. Main Street
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