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       “Our children are amazing people with amazing  interests and we decided we need an amazing place for them to spend their day.                                                That place is Taking Root Farms ”

           ~ Angela Eisaman President/Founder TRF

Over 1 million special needs children are moving into adulthood in the next decade.  Current statistics indicate that well over 15% of special needs individuals spend their day at home with no purposeful activity. US census statistics show that 80% of people with disabilities are currently un-employed as opposed to 35% of the non-disabled.  In Richland County alone, we have over 498 people on a waiting list for residential placement.  However, these statistics are not the most alarming or compelling part of the equation. The fact that in the last decade, according to the CDC, there has been at least a 78% increase in diagnosis of developmentally disabled individuals  and average lifespans improving, meaning the developmentally disabled are living longer, the problem is not going away and, in fact, it is endemic.  The statistics define the overwhelming need to create opportunities for our adults:  their future is long overdue.   

Taking Root Farms mission is to be a part of the solution to the problem our community faces.  We propose an innovative, unique approach to offering day and residential services to 50 adult individuals with intellectual developmental delays (I/DD) in Richland County. Our programming not only meets, but exceeds, the state and federal guidelines for servicing individuals with developmental disabilities by providing choice in where they spend their day. 




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